We have a dream:
that one day improvised music will have a seat at the same table where commercial music sits today.

We have a dream:
that the class differences between musicians disappear forever, and that the be-bop pianist respects the free jazzsax player as if they were the same.

We have a dream:
that jazz can raise entire families and will consent to easy mortgages, and that Musical Editions will be able to make a profit and provide those benefits to those who make their own music wholeheartedly. All of this needs to take place without looking at that musician like a freak of nature, and at the same time, an electric bass player and acoustic guitarist should sit side-by-side without feeling a distance between themselves.

Thank you all.

"May the Great Spirit watch over all of you and may the entire catalog of MANITÙ products enter your homes!"

Our music

Peaceful Land manitu records

Peaceful Land

(Peaceful Land)

"Eppure, se ti avvicini, ti sento. Avverto il tuo calore, la consistenza delle tue fibre. Eppure, se ti avvicini, ti abbraccio.Mi tendo. Mi allungo. Ti avvolgo. Mi arrampico e imito. La luce filtra attraverso le tende e vedo il pulviscolo e i miei sensori mi restituiscono i composti chimici che viaggiano nell’aria – odore di bosco, l’odore di casa." Primi segnali dai Plantoidi di Elena G. Mirabelli

"Davanti al mio sguardo si slarga una distesa sconfinata di superficie morbida e voluttuosa e lontano, lontanissimo mi sembra di scorgere qualcosa che somiglia ad una catena montuosa. Continuo ad andare avanti, verso quelle cime puntute. Cos'altro dovrei fare? Intorno niente. Nessun oggetto, nessuna costruzione, nessun segno umano. Umano?" TOI 700 di Ernesto Orrico

Danilo Guido: tenore and soprano Saxophone, soprano and bass Clarinet , Flute, Bansuri

Carlo Cimino: Bass, Keyboards, Guitar

Francesco Borrelli: Drums

All tracks composed by C. Cimino e D. Guido
Mixing and Mastering by Francesco Borrelli at Hangar Music Lab
Tales by Ernesto Orrico ed Elena Giorgiana Mirabelli
Artwork by Lisa Bilotti (pics from: https://unsplash.com/ and https://it.freepik.com/)



FreeFolk manitu records


(Massimo Garritano)

FreeFolk is a record without lyrics that it speaks about musical integration as a metaphor for the social one.

A manifesto. An unintentional concept album whose genesis can be traced in the title itself.

A political record, too. An exertion to look at tradition and the past with contemporary eyes.

All music composed and performed by Massimo Garritano © 2021

Music Production: Pierpaolo Mazzulla and Ernesto Orrico

Executive Production: Piano B, Monica Aragona and Dr Winston O'Boogie

Art Work: Raffaele Cimino

Massimo Garritano plays acoustic, classical fretless and prepared guitars, bouzouki, effects, live electronics and lap steel MG Signature built by Mario "Silent Blues" Massaro


calandra manitu records



Amanita Trio are Raul Gagliardi (guitar), Carlo Cimino (doublebass,
electric bass) and Maurizio Mirabelli (drums). Although they call
themselves a contemporary jazz project, their music influences space
from the rhythm and melodies of the Mediterranean to rock vibes.
Amanita have produced two albums: Gente a Sud (Zone di Musica, 2011)
and Calandra (Manitù records, 2020).

The signature style of Raul Gagliardi's compositions features a large
melodic variety often intertwined with odd times, that flows
comfortably even on the most unusual structures thanks to Cimino and
Mirabelli, whose brilliant interplay is the result of a long-term
collaboration. While in Gente a Sud the trio's Mediterranean roots
take centre stage, in their latest project 'Calandra' they have let
the rock soul of the trio come through more predominantly, alongside
more complex rhythms and melodic lines.


night wondows manitu records

I Thalassa Mas

(Alberto La Neve e Francesco Mascio)

"I Thalassa Mas" is the new album by saxophonist Alberto La Neve and guitarist Francesco Mascio, totally dedicated and inspired to the Mediterranean Sea. A spiritual and musical journey through places with different cultures and languages, united by the same waves.

Alberto La Neve: Soprano Saxophone
Francesco Mascio: Classic and Electric Guitar

Special Guest
Jali Babou Saho: Kora and Voice in “Cano”
Fabiana Dota: Voice in “Neglia i Luna”, “Cano”
Esharef Ali Mhagag: Voice in “Sognando un'altra riva”

Night Windows

(Alberto La Neve)

Night Windows" is the musical transposition of the particular sensations aroused by some paintings by american Edward Hopper.
All music is composed for "sax solo" with the use of loop machines and multi effects.
The title track embodies the essence of the entire album.
The "Night Windows” represents the souls of building from which each examine every inside from the outside and vice versa.

Alberto La Neve: tenor & soprano saxophones, loop machine, multi-effects, compositions 



What is Talknoise?

A corpus of words suspended between poetic urges, interrupted narrations and lacertas of song.

A sound stream fed by noisy guitars, broken melodies and fragments of pure improvisation.

A sort of recitative in jazz, jazz intended as a search for truth, immediacy, frontality.

A kind of spoken in punk, punk intended as a search for truth, immediacy, frontality.

None of these two things. Both. Others again.

Ernesto Orrico: lyrics and voice

Massimo Garritano: compositions, electric guitars and stomp boxes


(Concert for Sax and Voice)

Lidenbrock is a Concert for Sax and Voice dedicated to Jules Verne's character of the novel Journey to the center of the Earth.

A sound journey, a narrative and musical circle born as a composition in four parts: Dèpart, Iceland, Sneffels, Retour.

Loop machines, multi-effects and improvisations in defined structures, create stratifications and acoustic frameworks to brings the listener to a world filled with shades of sound and musical colors.

Alberto La Neve: Tenor sax, Loop machine, Multi-effects, Composition

Fabiana Dota: Voice, Multi-effects


(Me contro io)

Me contro io is a musical intervention wich is inspired to represent, through seven paintings, a journey of one's inner self. The work is a made up of the following Num3rical trio: Massimo Garritano (Acoustic Guitar and Live Electronics); Gianfranco De Franco (Horns, Voice and Live Electronics) and Costantino Rizzuti (Sound objects, Live Electronics).

The trio aspires to represent, by way of a listening narrative, the human condition that often ties "infinite dialectics" to a subtle psychological confrontation, while searching for one's "self" that can provide Peace and Identity. Improvisation is implemented as a liberating means of delineating sound and musical paths that breakdown stable labels and categories, whic are often limiting and incapable of representing the Reality in all of this endless facets.



Agapornis is a duo composed by Carlo Cimino (Electric Bass, Live Electronic, Toy Piano) and Giacinto Maiorca (Drums, Live Electronics, Keyboards).

Improvisation, pop, electronic, rock and jazz meet on a personal and original vision and define a dynamic sound palette that is opened to new possibilities. This music flies on different musical territories, it travels and migrates and it's performed by two musicians that chose one another after having heard each other sing.


(Fabrizio Scrivano with Toxicity Trio)

Chance encounters are very often those that change our lives, creating a new background of experiences, which turns for the musician into a palette of sounds he can freely choose from.
This album comes from Fabrizio Scrivano’s desire to make a synthesis of his own musical experience, combining jazz, funk and experimental sonorities. Its main characteristic is the melodic singability of the themes.

Fabrizio Scrivano: Guitar.

Toxicity Trio: Giuseppe Zangaro: Piano / Giovanni de Sossi: Bass / Alessandro Marzano: Drums.


(Massimo Garritano)

Present is the first solo work of guitarist and composer Massimo Garritano.

It comes after various recordings and it represent a junction in is career, a reconciliation between the spirit of improvisation and the composition. The acoustic instruments timbres meets the electronics, loops machines and various object with which the guitar itself is “prepared”. Massimo Garritano: 
acoustic guitar, bouzouki, dobro, effects and objects.


(Alberto La Neve)

Conceived as a sax solo work, “Nemesi” is an explorative and visionary album.

In the seven tracks, the composer, with the use of saxophone and electronics instruments, it’s able to create dreamy landscapes and to evokes intimate thoughts and introspective images.

Big Bounce Orchestra


Big Bounce Orchestra, directed by Nicola Pisani, is a project developed within the Conservatory of Music in Cosenza.

The line up includes many former students from the jazz course, now professionals. Live recorded at Rendano Theatre of Cosenza in February 2015.5.

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